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Burma, Sri-Lanka, Colombia, Mozambique, Madagascar, Brazil… The search for gems requires patience.

Gem-hunter and explorer at heart, Elke loves discovering treasures at their original sources, setting off around the world in search le special stones since the age or 24. Much of her design inspiration comes from her exploration of mining sites and the raw materials extracted from the earth.

Although diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds constitute the basis of her ‘know-how’, Elke Berr loves working with semi-precious stones and introducing high-value collector’ stones – such as spinelles and Paraíba tourmalines – to the general public.

Each gem is natural – unearthed from prestigious mine sites – and carefully selected according to strict criteria. Showcased at the center of unique and personalised jewels, they are accompanied – for the most precious ones – by certificates from the most renowned gemological laboratories.

The search of the stone and jewel of your dream may have come to an end.