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“A twinkling star nestling in the heart of a ruby, a harmonious assembly of rare colours, an original and impeccably executed setting… Elke Berr touches the very soul and mystery of each precious and semi-precious stones.”



Gemmologist, designer and trainer, Elke Berr launched in 2003 her own line of superior quality jewels and custom-made pieces, after more than 30 years of experience in the field.

As a passionate “gem hunter” and explorer at heart, she favours working with rare or unusually cut gems directly sourced from mines around the world. To those strictly selected, Elke applies her creative gift – widely recognised in the world of professional gemmologists and jewellers – to evoke a world of magic, emotion and elegance. The originality of her creations succeeds in enhancing, highlighting and celebrating the exceptional quality of the stones. Each piece she creates is unique, designed with a combination of highly sophisticated technical skills and an unconventional mind. The entire collection carries the Elke Berr Créations trademark for quality, authenticity and ethics.

As a member of the Swiss Code of Ethics, Elke Berr is particularly attentive to defending and upholding the professional ethical and transparency standards of the gem and jewellery industry. The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) recognized Elke with an award in 2005 for her outstanding efforts as a long-term ambassador of the international trade.

Elke’s expertise is acknowledged the world over. Not only do lovers of gemstones recognize her talent and instinctive gift to unearth stones of rare beauty, but she has also won acclaim from the international press. The details of her extraordinary career in the demanding and intriguing world of gem « hunting » have been reported in many print articles as well as recorded in a French television documentary, Pierres de Rêve (Dreamstones), broadcast in 15 countries.